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Smaller Learning Communities: A Collegiate Teams Approach

CSUSA plans to adopt the academy model of small learning communities for Emmerich Manual High School. While the Freshman Academy bridges the gap between middle school preparation and high school expectations, the College- and Career-Prep Academies prepare students for their post-secondary choices.

Partnering with area universities and colleges for dual-credit options to partnering with area businesses for Career and Technology Education pursuits, these academies will allow students to attain an 8-credit major in one selected strand. The all-new Agricultural Sciences Program will offer benefits such as advanced preparation for post-secondary schooling, scholarships, and readiness for jobs that are already in high demand.

Freshman Success Program and Course

Research demonstrates that the transition from middle school to high school is a key time in a student’s academic experience; excellence attained during this crucial time will provide the best results for college, career, and beyond.

We have designed our Freshman Academy to offer support on many levels:

  • All EMHS freshmen will be part of the Freshman Academy, with one designated Assistant Principal, one Guidance Counselor, and a core group of teachers. Each faculty member at EMHS is assigned a small group of freshmen in an advisor/advisee program as well.
  • All EMHS freshmen take their core classes with Freshman Academy-trained teachers who will focus on teaming, building community, and constant goal-setting in both academic and personal areas.
  • All EMHS Freshmen will be enrolled in a Freshman Success course. The syllabus for this course will include: study skills, organization, technology, personal development, college and career research, personal finance awareness, local and global cultural awareness, public speaking, critical thinking, and becoming an engaged citizen of our community.

The Freshman Success course is Project-Based and students will complete the course with:

  • A Personal Mission Statement
  • A College/Career Research Project
  • A Role Model Research Project
  • A Personal Finance Project

At EMHS we are proud of our partnership with Ivy Tech Community College to provide our students with the opportunity to learn what it takes to be successful in a college course. Currently, we offer pathways for students to earn college credit in health professions, agriculture, business and welding. This opportunity affords students the opportunity to save thousands of dollars with earned college credits upon high school graduation.

Credit Pathways – Earn College Credit